The morning sets the tone for your whole day - and your family's happiness.

It's too important to leave your morning routine to chance for 4 reasons:


Leads to bad moods.


Steals enthusiasm.


Damages relationships.


Hurts performance.

There's a long list of why chaotic mornings suck...

If you're juggling a full household, a busy job, or a tendency to be late, then you already know. I don't have to explain the risks of unorganized mornings to you.

Please know, you're not alone.

Many professionals complain about irritating mornings AND YET so few have invested time and money in FIXING the repeating problems once and for all!

Here's me on TV!

What's inside:

  • An answer as to why you're always late despite your best efforts and easy ways to fix it.

  • A simple shift that can get your whole family on the same page.

  • A fun technique to capture exactly why your mornings aren't running smoothly.

  • Fast exercises to create the absolute best morning routine for you and others in your home!

  • Insights as to why the guru's advice to have complex morning routines backfires and what works better for busy professionals instead.

Watch the First Video Free

If you're unhappy, consistently overwhelmed or stressed by your mornings,

then you need a new system or your patterns will keep repeating - that leads to regret, broken relationships, and missed opportunities to connect each morning!

This course is EASY! It will take you about an hour to get through. All you have to do is watch each short video and do the exercises.

Then you will marvel at how well you transformed your mornings!

Ever have days when everything clicks? When you fire on all cylinders?

Do you want more of those high-performance days?

Then, you're in the right place!

Once you know how to reach that optimal state (it's not likely how you've been taught!) then you can harness its power to recreate flow every day!

  • You'll get more done in less time

  • You'll have freedom to take time off without guilt

  • You'll know how to shut down drama, distractions, and interruptions

  • You'll enjoy your work again

To Take Back Your Workweek means you'll have no more...

  • After-hour work blocks to catch up. Working weekends, late nights or early mornings can be a CHOICE, not a NECESSITY

  • Disappearing days when you're so busy, but yet nothing important gets done

  • Bouts of procrastination because there is so much on your plate and you have no idea where to start

  • Sleepless nights because your mind is racing, trying to remember what you forgot to do, or because you're anxious about how you're going to do it all tomorrow

Take Back Your Workweeks

Take Back Your Weekends

Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your LIFE!

Allison’s system is not a Band Aid approach; it is a life change that can be made easily. Practical steps to be more productive during your workday, so you can have your weekends back.

- Traci Boland, C.A.I.B. Partner Ontario West Insurance Brokers

You spend 1/3 of your life (or more) working. If you're unhappy, consistently overwhelmed or stressed by your workload, then you need a new system or your patterns will keep repeating. That leads to regret.

I hear stories like these all the time...

can you relate?

You spend 1/3 of your life (or more) working.

If you're unhappy, consistently overwhelmed or stressed by your workload,

then you need a new system or your patterns will keep repeating.

I hear stories like these all the time...

can you relate?

There's always too much to do, too many priorities, and too little time

YES - exactly. The more successful you are, the more you're going you'll feel this way. Time doesn't expand, you have to expand your capacity to do more in less time. You need a system that supports the many hats you wear.

I love what I do, but it's Not fun anymore, I'm sick of the grind. If it doesn't get better, I may have to quit

When you feel burned out, quitting may seem like the only answer, it's not. If your happiness, stress levels and enjoyment at work rely on other people communicating better, picking up balls they drop, or your task list getting smaller - you're screwed. Those factors rarely change.

I CAN'T GET MY WORK DONE during the day, so I work weekends, late nights or early mornings to catch up

You're not alone. Distractions, interruptions and endless meetings are stealing your potential to be in your Sweet Spot of Optimal Performance, Productivity and Profitability. Those are the easy answers. What about the hidden Barriers to Performance that are making your work harder than it needs to be? More on that soon...

Learn from my mistakes. Please, don't wait until you burnout or life forces you to fix your workweek!

Allison Graham, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Course Creator, Pragmatic Optimist

Do Like Tasks Together....

This is a VERY popular system called Getting Things Done by David Allen. With respect, I disagree with it. In theory it's great, in practice it's outdated. It's not a whole solution.

I did this for quite some time, but the system never worked long-term. The same is true for many of my clients. The idea is to group all like tasks together - phone calls, emails, reports etc. The filing system meant there were too many places for tasks to get lost.

Delegate, Delete, Do....

You can't delete or delegate your way out of an overloaded to-do list. This sounds simple, but again, it's not a full solution. Some people don't have anyone to delegate to. This approach doesn't address how to effectively manage the remaining tasks.

Buffer Days, Power Days,

Free Days...

Another popular time management theory is by Strategic Coach founder Dan Sullivan. Many high-level executives strive for this system, but consistently fall short. If achieved, it's short-lived. Plus, it's not duplicatable beyond the top tier of an organization.


With the Right tools and Mindset You Can Transform Your workweeks from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and resenting the Grind to...

• Reclaim Your Schedule

• Do More in Less Time

• Get Deep Work Blocks to Focus on Priorities

• Feel Confident That Your Workload is Doable

• Have Extra Space for What Matters To You

• Enjoy your work again and Ignore Any Drama

• Reconnect with Your Purpose

You're not failing if you're stressed by your workload - you've just been given the wrong tactics and expectations

At first, all I found were platitudes and partial solutions. It took me thousands of hours of studying multiple methodologies to create my own. Eventually I discovered...

why you can never feel caught up, and you won't, and how to be okay with that

I remember a first call with a coaching client, she started to cry. "I feel so guilty. I can't get caught up." The truth is you never will. Tasks come off the list, more tasks get added. There is no magic finish line. You need to make peace with that.

how unrealistic expectations are at the root of many frustrating days

Having unrealistic expectations of yourself or others is just one of a very long list of Barriers to Performance that steal our performance, productivity, and profitability. It's the vulnerability of the human experience that needs our attention.

why a traditional to-do list is ineffective, causes unnecessary stress

Seriously, no matter how much you LOVE checking tasks off your list, a traditional to-do list is NOT the answer for optimal performance. The list has no context, no prioritization, it muddles everything together in a big long list. There is a better way.

That Tasks, obstacles and adversities each need a different strategy

This is one of my signature concepts. Society buckets everything under the word stress. It's an easy word that is completely disempowering. Once you understand how to classify everything you're dealing with you'll know exactly what to do next.

That There's a difference between good stress and destructive stress

Good stress drives success. Without it, you'd be bored and uninspired. Destructive stress causes anxiety and overwhelm, lost objectivity, and sub-optimal performance.

Harness one, delete the other.

That time-management and capacity-management are not the same

Each of us has a limited capacity to do, think, feel, and be each day. Beyond the "doing," it's important to understand what really drains capacity. It's the emotional, mental, and physical processing that absorb most of a day's bandwidth.

These principles lead to time freedom.

I'll show you how.

It wasn’t until I learned Allison's system, that I realized it wasn't the number of tasks I had to accomplish that was overwhelming, it was my relationship with those tasks.

Understanding how to classify tasks and obstacles to do them faster and then recognizing the need to heal from my adversities, put things into perspective and completely changed my approach. I stopped doing things I didn't need to be doing and became happier at work because of Allison's system. I HIGHLY recommend Allison's message.

- Greg Ortbach, Director Customer Experience


Situational Awareness

The first step in my Problem-Solving Framework is a systematic way to assess the issues that need to be solved. Without this step, no solution will stick. You'll learn 3 of my signature concepts in this part of the program including the game changing Continuum of Challenges Method.


• how solution-first thinking won't solve your workweek woes

• how to apply the Problem-Solving Framework

• how to harness good stress

• how destructive stress is created and steals your capacity

• the difference between tasks, obstacles and adversities



The second step in my Problem-Solving Framework encourages you to get compassionately curious to discover patterns that are making your workweek harder than it needs to be.


• how Barriers to Performance can steal personal capacity

• what to do with these capacity-crushing habits


Solution activation

The third step in my Problem-Solving Framework goes deep into designing your task-tracking system. Thanks to the exercises in Modules 1 and 2, you'll create a custom time-management solution that you can trust.


• why a traditional to-do list isn't as effective as you want

• a task-tracking system you can trust that honours your many areas of responsibility

• how to find your most productive flow time and protect it every day for priority work

• a simple way to map your workweek



A less, stressful way to do all you do is just hours away!

You may have more questions! That's why, for August 2022, I'm offering 30-days of FREE coaching support via email for new students.

The clock is ticking. Spaces are limited. I'm a fast typer, but I don't want to over commit myself either.

Take Back Your Weekends Course (Valued at $1497)

Audio Files (Valued at $97)

Destructive Stress Analyzer (Valued at $47)

Sweet Spot Planner (Valued at $97)

Task Circle Transformation Template (Valued at $47)

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Total Value = $2577

Today’s Price = $297

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund.

Actually, I’ll even add a bonus coaching call, too. If you don’t see 10X the value after that call, then I’ll want to give you your money back ASAP!

I’ve invested thousands of dollars in other time management programs, why is this different?

I did the same thing. I’ve invested thousands of dollars trying to find the perfect systems to make me happier, more productive, and less stressed. Nothing worked.

Since I studied so many philosophies, my system is influenced by the best of the best. I've compiled an approach that can work universally. Plus, my signature concepts about how to relate to your workload - those you can't learn from anyone else. Those matter the most.

I LOVE my traditional to-do list, do I have to give that up to use this system?

No, you don’t have to do anything!

The Task Circle will take your love for checking tasks off of your to-do list to a whole new level! It will give context to your list. This program is not a productivity hack. It's a way of thinking and relating to your tasks, then a systematic way to get what you need to have done, done. Even if you stick with your traditional to-do list, I promise you’ll never look at it the same way again!

How long will this program take to complete?

My cheeky answer is - does it matter? How much time are you willing to invest in order to stop the destructive stress cycle and discover a system that will result in smoother, more productive workdays? If I said it’d take you 100 hours, would it be worth it? Yes. BUT – it won’t take you 100 hours!

The videos lessons total 2 hours and 22 minutes. The worksheets and implementing the plan will take about 2 more hours or so. Implementing the system will take minutes a day.

How much time will I save in my workweek?

That depends on the structure of your current workweek, your goals and how well you implement the program.

The first goal is to leverage the system to eliminate overtime hours that you don’t want to work anymore - like late nights, early mornings and weekends.

After you've achieved that, then the sky is the limit.

Some of my clients are aiming to cut their regular work hours in half!

I heard you speak at a conference, how is this different?

First, that's awesome. Thanks for being in the audience, I hope you loved it! This will feel like a continuation of the speech.

A few of my concepts will overlap. For example I typically touch on my Problem-Solving Framework and the Continuum of Challenges Method during speaking events, because they are the foundation of my philosophy.

As for the Task Circle and how to fix your workweeks, I rarely go deep into this material from stage. This course shows you a very systematic approach. If you've been through it in a training session, I guarantee you would know it. So no, it will not feel like an overlap.

Can I share this with a friend / colleague, or can you teach it to my team?

Absolutely. In fact, the more people in your life who follow the same philosophies and systems, the more it will support you in the implementation of it.

Your log-in credentials are unique to you. While I can't stop you from sharing, I have kept the price point reasonable to make it assessable to everyone. It's how I earn my living , so I hope you'll respect that and encourage others to purchase their own licence.

If you lead a team, let's talk. I have several programs that can assist you, your colleagues and your team to be less stressed and spend more time in your Sweet Spot of Performance, Productivity, and Profitability.

I like to track my tasks using a digital system, will this still work?


I like to track my tasks using paper, will this still work?


I have Adult ADHD, will this work for me?

YES. It will. I know that because I have ADHD and many of my clients have Adult ADHD, too. I developed these concepts before I understood why it was so hard for me to stay focused and track my tasks. There’s enough flexibility in the system, that it will work for you.

I do not have Adult ADHD, will this work for me?

Yes. It will. I serve people with and without ADHD. The principles remain the same, no matter what. Overcoming an overwhelming to-do list is the same for all of us. You may have an easier time adopting and sticking with new systems.

Take Back Your Weekends Course (Valued at $1497)

Audio Files (Valued at $97)

Destructive Stress Analyzer (Valued at $47)

Performance, Productivity and Profitability Planner (Valued at $97)

Task Circle Transformation Template (Valued at $47)

Bonus 1: 30 Days of Coaching Support via email (Valued at $497)

Bonus 2: Profitable Networking Course (Valued at $147)

Bonus 3: 30 Wellness Insights for You and Your Team (Valued at $27)

Bonus 4: Time Hacks Bundle (Valued at $27)

Bonus 5: Lift-Up Written Collection (Valued at $47)

Bonus 6: Lift-Up Video Library (Valued at $47)

Total Value = $2577

Today’s Price = $297

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